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How to get Student Visa in Malaysia?

1. Selecting Subject and Universite

Applying student visa in Malaysia is a several step process. First of all, you need to select the Subject that you want to study in Malaysia. Read more about what subject will be good for you and what is the benefits in our Subject Selection Guideline. Then Find the best college or university from your prospective. This may involve several factors including institute status, reputation, Certificate value, Tuition fees, Admission complexity, Visa complexity, Course duration, Payment terms, Accommodation facility, Communication etc.

So finding your college or university under your exact preference can be a problem. That’s why we developed a professional tool call “Find me a college/University” Where you can submit your all expected details for FREE. Our experts will analyse your provided details and compare more than 60 college/university located in Malaysia and suggest you the best college/university options available under your preferences. Or you are always welcome to call, chat or visit our Offices in Bangladesh or Malaysia. You can find all contact details and office address in our Contact us page.

2. Apply for Offer Letter

Ones you decide your college/university its time to get the offer letter. You have to contact the university or we can do that on behalf of you to get the offer letter where the university will describe your particulars and subject of interest. You will need this Offer letter to get EMGS approval called VAL or Visa Approval Letter.

3. EMGS Application

Next, You have prepared all the Documents required by EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Service). I am providing the list of documents below. Please note that all of this documents are required for your VAL and any missing or incorrect document(s) may delay your VAL or can be a reason for cancellation. Our previous web statics show that applying through us reduce the chance of VAL rejection up to 99%.

a. Offer letter from university
b. Fillup IMM 14 form completely and sign
c. Passport size photo with Blue Background (See Example)
d. Passport scan/copy all pages, including Blank pages (See Example)

i. Passport must be valid for at least 16 months

e. All academic Certificates

i. All Certificates copy must be notarized/certified by authorized Notary public
ii. If the certificate is not in the English Language It must be translated in English and then notarized/certified
iii. Confirmation from the translator or translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document
iv. The date of the translation
v. the full name and signature of the translator or of an authorised official of the translation company; and the translator or translation company’s contact details.

f. Medical report from your Home Country
g. EMGS Fees

All these papers listed above must be submitted to EMGS along with the EMGS Fees (NonRefundable). normally it takes up to 1 month to complete the verification process by EMGS and then they will issue the VAL. Sometimes it may take few more weeks if there is too much rush or any documents related issue.

4. Travel pass apply (Student Pass)

Ones you get the EMGS Visa Approval Letter (VAL) you are ready to fly.

Next, you have to apply for your travel visa (Normally issued from the home countries Malaysian Embassy). It is just a single entry visa to enter to Malaysia. In general Ones your travel pass issued you have to fly to Malaysia from the issued date to within 90 days. This travel pass will require some documents as well, depends on which country citizen you are. I am giving the basic documents list below that required for travel pass:

a. Your original Passport
b. EMGS Visa Approval Letter (VAL)
c. Fillup Visa application form for Travel pass
d. Passport size photo
f. Travel pass Visa Fees

This travel pass normally issued within 3 to 30 days from the application day depends on the local embassy. We can help with this process if you are located in a country where we have the regional office.

5. Get your Air ticket

Ones you get the Travel Pass from your local embassy It’s time to Fly, Select a date and get your favorite airlines Confirmed return air ticket. There are several options to choose from. Of course, your country airlines is a choice but you may choose Malaysian Airline to adopt the Malaysian test from your first Step. There is budget airlines also available like Air Asia. But I prefer to choose a good airline who will give you at last 30KG of baggage and Food for free. 🙂

The day you fly to Malaysia you MUST need to inform your College/University your Airline name, departure and landing time, Flight Number so someone from the college/university can go to airport and pick you from the immigration. (here I want to tell you a little about the Malaysian airports. Sometimes people do this mistake. there are two international airports in Kuala Lumpur and both of them are side by side. the Main Airport name is KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport and another one name is KLIA2 or Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. Most of the big airlines like Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Land in KLIA and all the budget airline like AirAsia land in KLIA2. So make sure about this and tell your University exactly which airport you are going to land so the person from the college/university can go and pick yo up from the right place). Ok Back to topic, Ones you land to the Malaysia Airport (KLIA or KLIA2) you must wait inside the immigration. You can’t go out without your college/university representative. The College/University representative will Print your name and Country in a paper and look for you. If you landed at night just say 3:00am Some College/university representative may not arrive to pick you up at that time. you have to wait until morning. Ones the office hour starts, a representative will go and pick you up.

For your information If you proceed the  visa application with us No matter what time you arrive, we will arrange the immigration clearance and airport pickup at that time. This is an exclusive facility we give to our clients to make them a big smile 😀

6. Get into the Big City We called it KL

So now you are in the airport Gate. You may choose the Public transport or Taxi service to come to KL city. It’s about 60 km from KLIA/KLIA2 to KL city. Yes, it’s kinda far and the Taxi service will charge you approximately RM100 to RM120 in regular hour. If it’s after midnight add extra 50% with the base price. If you use Public transport you can take Bus or KLIA Express Train to Kl Sentral. For bus the Price is around RM10-15 and express train is RM55. Please note that Bus and Train not Available After 1:00am until 5:00am.

If you choose our service you don’t have to worry about all this, We will pick you up from Airport and Take you to your desired hotel or our one-night FREE stay accommodation. This is also included in our service.

7. Medical and City Tour

The next day you should Complete your Medical screening with the EMGS approved medical center located in KL city. It will Cost you around RM250. It will not take more than 2 hours.

Ones again if you take our service we will take you to the medical center for the Screening and rest of the day we will give you a free city tour. Of course, you need to know the new city!

8. Attend to the college/university

The day after you arrived you should report to your college/university and continue with the further procedure, which includes several documents signing, clear due tuition fees, submit your Passport to the college/university for your Final Student Pass, class schedule, subject selection etc.

9. The End of your visa procedure but not our relation!

This is the end of your Student visa process in Malaysia. But this is not the end of a relationship with our clients. Every year we will remind you the visa renewal notice and any new process. If any complexity you may contact with us for free consultant. We can help you in any other common needs eg college/university transfer to another country like Australia or Europian countries. Home rental, Car or bike rental, Part-time Job arrange etc.

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