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Apply Online Guideline

This page will guide you how to Apply for your Malaysia student visa online with us.

There are two ways to do it, If you are a citizen of a country where we have a regional office then you can directly contact our office for consultant and submit your papers there or else you can always submit your papers online through our website.

If you want to apply for your visa online through our Website just follow this simple steps.

  1. Tell us your Subject of interest, If you don’t know yet what subject you want to study, you may check our Select Study Field guideline
  2. Tell us your desire university name or if you don’t know which university you want to admit, you may fill up our “Find me a college/University” form. We will suggest you the best match according to your needs.
  3. Ones both party (Study in Malaysia and You, Student) agreed with the Selection of Subject, Selection of the university, tuition fees, and all other terms It’s time to Create an account on our website for filing, billing, and Submission your Application form.
  4. You can submit your application form by login to your account and then click on the Menu button called “Application Form”
    1. Fill up the application form carefully and Upload all the required documents mentioned in the form
    2. You can save the form and continue later if you don’t have all those information in that mean time
  5. Submit the form and we will take care it from there